How to play Riddles' Rewards on Zoom:
*Before joining the Zoom meeting, every player turns off their camera, but are unmuted and get ready to answer questions. Other members of the group can guess where other players are from just by listening to the audio accents to see if they're right or not.

*Each player comes up with a list of 7 clues related to his/her profession and type it in the Zoom chatbox. If the player is a student, he/she can simply generate the clues related to the academic programs being involved.
For example, the clue list can consist of True or False Questions, groups of [relevant keywords] vs. [irrelevant keywords] , Truths that can only be obtained by solving riddles, or URLs that link to pictures of rebus puzzles if visual aids are needed.
1) On-demand job? vs. Structured routine?
2) Not dangerous? vs. Dangerous?
3) Hot? vs. Not hot?
4) Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die.
5) Pension by government? vs. Pension by private company?
6) Without me is death assured, but within you I am life most pure.
7) Non-essential service? vs. Essential service?
If the player resonates with the ideas "1) On-demand job", "2) Dangerous", "3) Hot", "4) Fire", "5) Pension by government", "6) water (to put out fire)" and "7) Essential service", then he/she probably knows the target's profession is "firefighter".

*Each player takes turns to ask questions one at a time and guess what profession/academic program that the target is in. If the player guesses the right answer, the target will then enable the Zoom's video display to reveal the true identity as a climax of the game. Since the player has the talent to get the right answer, he/she earns the right to exchange contact info with the player in the hot seat.

*The same procedure is repeated until everyone reveals his/her identity. Whoever gets the most number of correct guesses wins the game.

Tips: while your webcam is disabled..
If you are a frequent player of this Guess Who? Zoom game & you think your voice can give away your identity to your acquaintances too easily, you can do the following:
a) Try to speak with a foreign accent.
b) Use Google Translate or to speak on your behalf.
c) Change your name shown on the Zoom display to something different before the game starts.
d) Come up with different challenging riddles & brain teasers that you know your acquaintances have never heard of before.
In the end, everyone will reveal his/her appearance through the webcam anyway. The only difference is that some players can earn more contact info than others because of their talented guessing skills.

Note: The overall game can be very flexible in a open freestyle format. The only golden rule is that: Absolutely NO computer hacking activities are allowed before, during & after the game on any machine & website. We take safety & security seriously for everyone.

Anything could happen in such Zoom events. Because you get to run your own shows, the opportunities are limitless. The Riddles' Rewards could be your next big business deal, your exciting new job offer, or your FIRSTHAND info of everything created right from the sources..etc. Still curious? surprise yourself by joining us.


If you like to play, please feel free to contact us.